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Are Psychics Real? Know The Difference. Learn the Difference.

What sets Tarotti apart from all other online psychic readings?

We all have the same Spirit Guide at Tarotti and we do not utilize the assistance, direction or guidance from any other supernatural guide or source outside of the Spirit of God. Consulting with strange spirit guides and familiar spirits can be dangerous and a direct gateway to demonic activity that gives demons access to both your home and your life.

Are Psychic Readings Real? Real Psychics or Fake Psychics? Learn the difference. Ask now and become a believer! We are the best psychic readers online. We’re 24 hour psychics.

How can you differentiate between Real Psychics Versus Fake Psychics?

A fake psychic will make all sorts of promises that they can bring back your lover with spells and candles which, of course, will all add up to extra and expensive charges. If a psychic makes any attempt to convince you that someone has placed a curse upon you or your family or friend, that psychic is lying to you. Curses and hexes etc., along with compelling you to fear, can be a powerful tool, especially when it involves your nearest and dearest.

Real psychics, gifted clairvoyants, and gifted psychic Mediums should be able to tell you about your past, present, and future with some in-depth knowledge that not everyone would know. If all a psychic is willing to do is give you future readings with no personal or relevant information in the here and now or past, then chances are you’re dealing with a fake psychic.

We deliver accurate online Tarot card readings.

Furthermore we are nothing remotely similar to what you might be used to as we do not patronize our clients in order to keep them entertained, deluded, psychologically stimulated, hypnotized and mesmerized for the sole purpose of keeping them on the phone, racking up the minutes and draining the client’s credit card/bank balance.

We aren’t fatalists either. If we perceive a reconciliation, we will convey that but if we don’t, we’re not going to sugar-coat the story in order to appease you while side-stepping what we really believe.

Beware of con-artists, guilty of fraud, grand larceny, racketeering and fear tactics in order to extort money from you.

I have news for you, if someone tells you that you have a curse upon you or a bad aura and offers to cleanse you of that curse or remove that bad aura, for a fee, of course, they’re lying to you, misleading you, deceiving you and perpetrating extortion by means of fear and distress.

If someone tells you that for a fee they can bring back your estranged loved one, husband, wife or partner and reunite the two of you and make them forever desire you, they’re lying to you.

Furthermore, if they do intend to evoke a “spell” in order to bring this about, first of all it won’t work but moreover, you’ve just agreed to allow demons to do your bidding. Now you have opened a door to the floodgates of hell and in doing so, you may then face severe repercussions.

If someone tells you that your issue is greed and that it’s cured by giving them your money, they’re lying to you and that’s a serious crime called grand larceny.

It’s an unconscionable, reprehensible, vicious, sadistic practice, committed by countless psychics in the field.

We are entirely independent readers and do not split any of that which we make with the owner of Tarotti. This company was designed as a means of helping those in need through advice, guidance, understanding, and insight; help with problem-solving and enabling you to see the circumstances and situation with greater clarity.

Tarotti only hires ethical, tried, tested and proven psychics of impeccable character with the utmost integrity.

The majority of the clients at the many pay-per-minute psychic networks are often poor people; people in dire financial straits, living on the fringe, the disabled and seniors, living on fixed incomes and various other individuals struggling through life, hoping to somehow make it and are forced to do so on very little.

They’re often quite lonesome, heartbroken and perhaps recently rejected, abandoned, disenfranchised, betrayed and inundated with fear, dread, doubts, worries and concerns, feeling entirely alone in their situation with nowhere to turn and wind up at Pay-Per-Minute psychic networks as a last resort, with the dream and hope that possibly, just possibly, someone there can save them.

More often than not, they only incur additional burdens, problems, and consequences; sinking further into debt, feeling far more isolated than ever, violated and victimized; swindled out of their last dime as nothing comes to pass.

It may have appeared encouraging, uplifting, meaningful and exhilarating at the time but those addicted to gambling often feel the same way at the moment they’re gambling — until it’s over and they’ve lost their job, their car and then their home.

Think about it, $9.00 a minute? PER MINUTE? That’s $540 dollars per hour. PER HOUR! How about their “Master” psychics at $13.00 per minute? That’s a whopping $780 dollars per hour! Surgeons don’t make that much during a consultation. First-class, world-famous psychiatrists do not make half of that per hour.

Who in their right mind, with limited funds, would even entertain spending $780 dollars per hour to speak with a stranger on the internet? Stop doing that. It’s really tragic when the caller is spending that kind of money because they’re panicky about their current financial situation and embroiled in a financial crisis.

Anyone worth even $300 per hour had better be able to find missing people, solve homicides, crimes and have a remarkable track record of solving all the world’s problems. Furthermore, anyone that genuinely gifted with psychic ability will never work for any online psychic network when these companies only pay their psychics 20 cents to 50 cents per minute.

I’ve spoken with people who were so seriously addicted to network psychics that they wound up in astronomical debt. One woman was $80,000 dollars in debt, all paid out to pay-per-minute psychic networks.

I worked for the company she patronized. She had chosen me on occasion. She was clearly mentally ill; sobbing one moment, joyful, happy and laughing the next, thankful and grateful turned enraged, wrathful and caustic the very instant anything was conveyed to her that she didn’t approve of or that wasn’t in strict alignment with what she wanted to hear.

She wanted to hear that her ex-husband was positively going to return to her and love her most dearly all the days of his life and that all of her children would “forgive her” and they would all be reconciled in one clean sweep in order to live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, that was not going to happen and it certainly didn’t take a psychic to figure that out.

If she was informed of anything outside of her wishes, she’d begin to sob inconsolably and lash out and fume and hang up and dial another psychic. She did that for a few years straight, wound up $80,000 dollars in debt and yet she continued to call.

She urgently needed a psychiatrist and desperately needed a “guardian of property.” How could anyone outside of a sociopath, ever take such advantage of someone so troubled, broken, disturbed and in crisis? Pay-Per-Minute psychic networks thrive on people just like her.

What she didn’t know was that behind the scenes, upper management laughed at her, referring to her as “The Crazy Lady.”

Of course, she had psychological disturbances. That was a given. That was when I realized that many of the patrons were in desperate need of far more than just a psychic reading. They need counseling and that won’t work on a pay-per-minute plan. The majority of the patrons are often operating on very little resources outside of a credit card.

Sometimes those credit cards are stolen, slipped out mother or grandma’s purse by someone living in the home, suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and running up a fortune on that credit or debit card while grandma or mother is sleeping.

A psychic can’t dialogue much when the client is being charged by the minute. That per-minute plan is astronomical in price. How can anyone help anyone at $13.00 per minute? They can’t, plain and simple.

There has to be dialogue. Questions have to be asked. If someone tells you that the only reason a psychic is asking questions is to gather as much information as possible in order to form conclusions without the use of Clairvoyance and rip you off, that might be true in many cases but not with us at Tarotti. We aren’t a pay-per-minute network, where every second counts against you. The police need information in order to solve crimes. We need information in order to brainstorm and assist you in overcoming your afflictions, circumstances, and obstacles.

We have no problem proving ourselves from the start with a cold reading. But once we prove to you that we’re most capable of extra-sensory-perception, we’re going to need some answers from you because this is resolved as a team effort.

There was a 19-year-old girl named Erin Corwin, a Marine’s wife who went missing in 29 Palms California near my home. She had told her husband that she was going to Joshua Tree National Park to scope out various areas to photograph during her mother’s upcoming visit. Her car was found parked outside of the Marine base. The newlyweds lived on the Marine base.

She left at 7:00 AM. She was a few weeks pregnant. I gathered as much information as I could locate on the case which was very little. They were newlyweds. She has the face of an angel; the epitome of virtuosity. The husband looked just as noble, pious and honorable as she did. Any remote idea that she would have committed any act of betrayal based on their photos and the surrounding circumstances would have been incomprehensible.

The day after she went missing and it was reported, I did a reading. The reading was clear that in no uncertain terms this young lady was having an affair. I knew she had parked her car and got into the car of her lover.

I also believed that the child she was carrying was not fathered by her husband. She was carrying the child of her lover.

I knew that prior to her leaving, she and her husband had a problem and I believed he either knew of her affair or greatly suspected.

Of course, I didn’t storm the Facebook page of her frantic family searching for her and say, “Well, she was having an affair and I believe it was with another Marine and she left with him that day and lied to her husband.” They’d call me deranged, despise me and of course, block me and ban me from their “Find Erin Corwin” Facebook page.

A week or two later, it was discovered that she had in fact been having an affair with her next-door neighbor boy – a married marine himself. And the part of the story where I knew the husband had suspected or was made privy to troubling information before she took off?

It came out two weeks later that the day after she didn’t come home, Mr. Corwin, Erin’s husband, tore up their apartment in a drunken stupor of rage.

Two years ago, while going to my mailbox outside, a police car pulled up asking me if I had seen 27-year-old Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth, walking her Chihuahua. I informed the female officer that I had not. She then handed me a flyer.

I took the flyer with the missing girl’s information. It stated that she did in fact have a seizure disorder and had Bi-Polar disorder. She lived in Yucca Valley.

I performed the reading. Within five minutes of my reading, I knew she had gone to visit a friend. I knew she’d had an epileptic seizure proceeded by a fall that had taken her life almost instantly. I knew she died the very day she went missing.

I could not pinpoint her location in a typical psychic reading but I knew it was outdoors and in the desert. At that moment, I wanted to her know her location in the worst way because her little dog was still alive and I knew it.

It was summer and scorching hot in the desert and of course they needed to find Jennifer but the little dog needed to be rescued as his life was in grave danger. He’d stand no chance between the extreme heat of the day and the ravenous coyotes.

I did something I’d never thought of before. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me a dream of the whereabouts of Jennifer’s physical, earthly location. I crawled into bed around 11:00 AM in order to nap and dream. The dream came. I didn’t see Jennifer. I only saw myself, standing on a trail in the desert of Morongo Valley which is approximately 10 miles from Yucca Valley.

I woke up from my nap with perfect recall of the dream. I went to my father and said, “I had a dream that she’s in Morongo Valley but that’s ten miles away and she was on foot. My dream must be wrong. She would not have walked her dog in the severe heat, down a busy highway, close to 15 miles from home.

I then disregarded the dream and assumed it had no connection on any level with the whereabouts of Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth.

In the days to come, there were various reported sightings of her in different places, such as The Home Depot and so forth. I was thrilled to hear that because it meant she was alive; although, however, it was peculiar that my reading had been so far left of center and dead wrong.

The reading displayed the Fool (her carefree walk with her little dog), The Six of Cups (going to see a friend; someone she knew and cared for), the Tower (her fall), the Ten of Swords, (her death), the Three of Swords, (the emotional state of her family upon finding her), Judgment (the rise of her spirit out of her body) and Death, her role and attitude.

The first three days, I continued to read on her little dog and each day, his physical well-being seemed to decline.

The only person I relayed this reading to was my dad. I was not about to write to the family or phone police and divulge my findings. I greatly feared to be wrong and frightening everyone and looking like just another delusional psychic but that was a monumental mistake. I didn’t need to tell anyone she was dead.

All I needed to do, day one, was tell everyone that I’m a professional psychic and I believe she went to visit a friend in Morongo Valley. I’d have to relay that I’m a psychic or they’d immediately question why it is that I believed that and how I knew it.

While all else may have meant nothing to them, my reading, my dream, my self-professed psychic ability, what would have happened was a search for her in Morongo because someone in her family or circle would have known the young lady in Morongo whom Jennifer went to visit and she would have been found day one not nine days later and her dog at the time would have been saved.

That little dog remained by her side until his death of a few days later. He perished under the blistering hot sun.

I will always regret that, as long as I live.

Situations must be explained. Gifted Empaths are not mind-readers or demi-gods. We must have the freedom to interact, learn the basics, and understand the surrounding circumstances.

That is the only way we will be able to resolve the issues and place the missing pieces together. Or should I say, it’s the only way I will, like it or not.

The higher-priced psychics aren’t better psychics. They are higher priced because they are willing to put in more hours; work longer hours on the phone and have mastered all the tricks in duping people to believe them. This is where entertainment meets Casper.

I occasionally have clients calling me in a panic in order to relay to me that another self-professed psychic had informed them that there is a terrible curse that has been placed upon them and it’s now imperative that they are able to confirm as to whether or not I too am able to see it, feel it and perceive it and if so, how much will I charge them to quickly rid them of this tormenting spirit or curse.

According to the client, the ‘other psychics’ offered to free them of the curse for X amount of dollars – usually translating into some exorbitant fee.

They then explain the complex, complicated ritual the psychic offered to perform, filled with various incantations and candle-burning and roosters crowing and chanting and dancing and prayers to the gods and a plethora of idolatrous, nonsensical, falsehoods, fallacies and hogwash.

Ironically, that is truly the portal of opportunity for demonic activity that could quite possibly and most literally evoke a force to be reckoned with.

I then explain to the client that they have been seriously duped and mislead by a common thief and nothing short of such. I then caution, admonish and warn that they positively DO NOT, under any circumstances ever pay so much as one red cent to anyone for those types of bogus services.

Furthermore, if they still feel they’re under some type of evil curse, I then offer, FOR FREE, to rid them of any prevailing dark forces that could be hindering them or manifesting.

I go to the root and pull the big guns – the name of JESUS. Since Jesus was truly the master of exorcism.

When the pay-per-minute networks have a crime boss demanding that they make a certain quota per day or they’re fired and removed immediately, those readers are going to tell that client virtually anything they want to hear or know.

When you read the multitude of client reviews under the psychic profiles at those pay-per-minute psychic networks, you will read countless reviews that the psychic was so understanding, warm, personable, kind and caring.

But take a much deeper look and do the math: Very seldom will you read that ALL OF THE PREDICTIONS came to pass. “Psychic so-and-so was so helpful and kind and really gave me plenty to think about. She has such a loving spirit… I SURE HOPE HER PREDICTIONS COME TO PASS…”

I’ve seen numerous online psychic reviews where the predictions, if not most cast, at the astronomically priced, pay-per-minute psychic networks, DID NOT come to pass and yet astonishingly, the client still praised the reader. Who in their RIGHT MIND pays someone between $500 and $1000 dollars just to hear a kind, caring voice on the other end OF THE PHONE?

That’s absurd and well beyond the ridiculous. The grocery clerk at the supermarket is kind, compassionate, friendly, warm and caring too and so is my bank teller, my neighbor, and my poodle and best of all, I do not have to pay them for their understanding, courtesy and their kindness.

I derive more from them for free than anyone will from any pay-per-minute psychic network.

Those readers are coerced, threatened, trained, and brainwashed by the old-timer, masters in the field of motivational speaking, sleight-of-hand, smoke and mirrors, and con games. The employers are brilliant at what they do. They could sell bags of trash, filth, and dirt to the worst-case OCD clean-freak.

They know the ins and outs of getting into your mind, heart, and wallet. They bedazzle their clients with brilliance and baffle them with occult ideas, notions, and potions. They appeal to the lonesome, the disenfranchised, the poor and broken by making those people believe that they actually care about them and want the best outcome for them and wish to champion them in their plight and cause. “I’m your friend,” they say, (tongue in cheek).

That is a horrific and cruel and malevolent lie believed only by the very desperate, isolated, fearful and lonesome.

We at Tarotti are educated and have jobs outside of Tarotti. This is our ministry to a lost and suffering people who are in need of a professional counselor, minister and mentor with clairvoyant abilities. Being a psychic is only a small part of what we do and we do it well because we answer to a far greater source and some professional practitioner of confidence tricks and someone who acts in a disreputable, unethical, or unscrupulous way.

We answer to The Lord, our God and whether or not you choose to believe it, He is the one that holds your future in His hands and the power to reveal to you where you stand, where you’re going and what you need and He will but not if you don’t put your faith in Him to do so.

Therefore, we as His ambassadors need to be really accurate and know what it is we’re talking about before and when we reach out to anyone.


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