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    Remember This: Tarotti is not a pay-per-minute psychic network. Think about that for a moment. What will you most likely hear at a pay-per-minute psychic network? The same thing you’ve always heard; exactly what you want to hear. This tragic fact makes our job exceedingly difficult.

    How? When a client has patronized any of the pay-per-minute psychic networks, they’re often just entertained with a fairytale; a feel-good story that gives false hopes and empty promises for an astronomical fee. The client is then psychologically stimulated for a period of time but when that stimulation begins to wear off and the client needs another dose of hope, they look for a new psychic to replenish their dwindling hopes and banish their recurring fears.

    Oftentimes the next psychic they call is one of us.


    The Math: $10.00 per minute adds up to $600 per hour. It’s a multi-million-dollar industry. Why? Because the fastest, most powerful and significant way in which to mend a broken heart and be alleviated of the horrendous pain and suffering is to be reunited with the person who broke your heart. He or she must return and profess their undying love for you and admit to their wrongdoing and shower you with attention and affection in order for you to be delivered from the insufferable torment you’re experiencing.


    Or, you may dial any of the hundreds upon hundreds of online psychics, pay with your debit or credit card and within a few brief moments, you’re connected to a kind, caring, compassionate voice and that voice will mesmerize you. Your chosen psychic will comfort you, completely understand you, appear heartfelt, moved and genuinely, whole-heartedly interested in you and your tragic tale of woe.


    Suddenly, before you’ve even realized it, you’re at $200 and counting. Many people get off the phone only to discover they’ve just spent $600 plus for nothing more than a paid pal who just told them all the wonderful things they so desperately wanted to hear.


    The days pass, then weeks, then months and each day you’re waiting for that reading to come to pass; the promised message or call will come or the doorbell will ring or the apology letter arrives, professing love and undying devotion ——– but fact of the matter is, nothing that was ever prophesied comes to pass.


    Discover the major differences between our old fashioned psychic services and the huge corporate psychic network industries that garner millions in revenue.

    At Tarotti online psychic services, we wholeheartedly provide genuine psychic services by authentic clairvoyants and urge you to try our honest and ethical approach to real psychic readings before winding up in severe financial debt as the victim at any number of the numerous online commercial warehouse psychic network scams

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