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.Online psychic readings free you from the uncertainty that can cause anxiety, stress, fear, doubts and worry. Most of us have faced rejection at one time or another. The number one question I receive the most is this: “Does he love me?” “Will he come back?”

Oftentimes, many seekers will go from psychic to psychic, in a desperate search for the answer that most pleases them. They start the conversation with, “I’ve sought out several psychics and most told me that he’s coming back. What do you see?”

I experienced this myself a few years ago, only I was my own psychic. I had all of the answers directly in front of me that he did not want a relationship with me and he was moving on and he did not love me and yet I refused to accept that. My eyes couldn’t see it and ears wouldn’t hear it. Why?

You’ve most likely been drugged by love and this has disabled your ability to see your situation rationally. Have a look at these articles on Oxytocin:

Oxytocin The Love Drug

Why You Can’t Let Go

My two questions are:

Will John ever commit to me or am I wasting my time?

Is the reason why he rarely wants to see me is because he is involved with someone else?

More often than not, when a man loves a woman, she knows it. Men aren’t typically coy about their feelings when it comes to love and what they want. You don’t need any man to validate your worth in order to establish it.

I often see clients who are trying to cope with the insufferable heartache at the end of a relationship; anguished and shocked as if they’ve just been in a major car accident. Losing someone you love leaves you with a dull, and heavy weight in your chest that often, without warning, explodes into lacerating pain.

Indeed it’s so painful that many people feel they cannot tolerate the agony and that is one reason why so many rejected lovers keep hoping against hope that their partner will return and all will be well.

It’s really common for heartbroken individuals to believe that no one else on earth could possibly fill the gap left by the ex-partner. This is nonsense of course, but grief skews our thinking. I have lost count of the number of times that clients have said to me, “And that’s it for me. I’ll never find anyone else. And no one else will ever love me.”

More often than not, my clients have no idea why their partner suddenly ended the relationship. He or she (that ended the relationship) just went their own way and ended communication. In the case of the male partner breaking off, he might prefer to just disappear in order that he doesn’t have to explain himself. He doesn’t have to have any awkward talks. He doesn’t even have to come up with a good reason. This is reserved for women he does not care about. It may also include women he is confident he can avoid running into for the rest of his life (or at least 6 months), such as out-of-towners, one night stands, girls he met at a wedding, friends of friends of friends who don’t run in the same circles.

You may disagree but he has decided you are not worth the hassle of the break-up discussion. This is the most low-class disrespectful move a man can pull, yet it happens every day.

Now you’re consulting with psychics instead of allowing yourself to see the reality of this ugly and painful situation. You have him confused with a good guy. He isn’t but you’re not experienced enough and mature enough to tell the difference and it will happen again if you don’t educate yourself and fall in love with you.

Rather than formally break-up, he slowly withdraws from the relationship mentally, physically and or emotionally. He wants out but he is not man enough to end it. Instead, he lets the relationship die a slow painful death. There will be no mercy kill. A coward, he might break-up with you over text or via a surprise Facebook status update to ‘Single.’ He really wants you to break-up with him. However, if you are equally weak-willed or too stubborn to accept it’s over, this pathetic excuse for a relationship might last forever.

What could happen if you lure him back with sex?

You hate him because he uses you in the nicest way possible and you can’t do anything about it. You love him. He knows it. You know it. Most women prefer this break-up even though it is not the break-up they need. In fact, it is one of the worst. What women overlook is the fact that The Good Guy is inherently selfish. While he appears to have your best interest at heart, he actually puts himself first and always.

He is so fearful of being labeled a bad guy by you, your family or your friends he rather misleads you than accept this title. Since he never cheats physically, he avoids drawing accusation from you and eases his own subconscious. However, he mentally and emotionally gets a head start on checking out of the relationship before you in order to make his own transition easier.

After the formal “break-up,” he will still make love to you. Sure, you told him you can handle it but you’re lying. He knows, through sex, you are trying to lure him back or at minimum, keep him around. Regardless, he still has sex with you because he places his best interests before yours.
He feasts on your emotional and physical sacrifices until he is gorged but offers you nothing of substance in return. He leaves you feeling empty.

He’s honest without ever telling the truth. He doesn’t lie, but he relays only what he knows you would want to hear instead of what you need to hear. For instance, when you ask if there is a future for you in his life he gives you an ambiguous response when he knows the clear answer is no. He uses you like a pit stop between serious courtships with other women but assures you his future is with you.

He uses your hope to keep you paralyzed while he uses the fact that you’ll always be there for him to propel himself forward. You’re left waiting, often in vain, as he gives the love you long for to other women until one of those women finally becomes his wife. Even in marriage, given the chance, he continues to let you believe there may be a future for you two if things don’t work out.

Deep down both of you know this day will never come because, unfortunately, you were never anything more than his back-up plan.

If this guy was in love with you, he’d be there. You can ask one million psychics and chances are, most will tell you he loves you because that’s what you want to hear. His absence here says EVERYTHING. His distance, his avoidance, in indifference. You can’t accept it because you slept with him and gave him the best of yourself and he didn’t value it, appreciate it, treasure it or return the heartfelt feelings by making an earnest commitment.

It doesn’t matter who he is with. He isn’t with you. All that you are; all the magnificent, wonderful, incredibly beautiful and lovely things that you are will remain the same whether he loves you or not.

Perhaps you feel betrayed, lied to, robbed, taken advantage of, deceived, forsaken and dismissed and you want to be redeemed; you want your dignity restored. Are you hoping for his his full attention in order to affirm your value as a woman? He has validated the tremendous insecurity to already have and that started in you a long, long time ago.

You gave too much of yourself to him too quickly. You needed him to make the commitment before you gave him all that you are and you must always hold back a little in order that you never afford anyone, any man or woman this much power over the way in which you now feel. He will always have the power now to crush you. You’re empowering him to hurt you.

You enabled him and empowered him. He’s immature. He doesn’t fully know what it means to be a man or a partner. You want orange juice out of an apple. His character is weak and compromised and he doesn’t know what he wants and either do you. You just want to win in order that you don’t feel so exposed and embarrassed and ashamed.

If this young man was in love with you, you would never need to ask a psychic because he would have told you. You’re going from psychic to psychic, “Does he love me?” Most will tell you yes because we don’t want the responsibility of having to crush your already broken heart. I will tell you right here and right now, HE IS absolutely, positively, NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU.

He isn’t in love with anyone. Although even if he was, it wouldn’t matter because he’s not with you. Does it mean you’re unworthy of being loved, treasured and adored? NO WAY and of course not. Every human being over the age of 21 has experienced a matter of the heart such as this; I love you but you don’t love me. Look at Jesus Christ and how rejected He was by so many; look at God, creator of both the heavens and the earth and yet people have been rejecting him since the foundation of the world.

Another example is Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. He was married to a woman the world thought of as one of the most beautiful women in the world and loved by millions. She’s one of the most famous women in Hollywood and yet, this garage mechanic was engaging in sexual relations with numerous women on the side. Did that vile, reprehensible, narcissistic, hedonistic, immoral lifestyle he chose to live, diminish her in any way? Of course not. His choices had nothing to do with who you are as a lovely and terrific human being.

Once you’re over this snot-nose, punk of a kid who has no idea what he wants, you will just move on to next immature punk and he will take advantage of you as well until you stop the pattern; until you stop trying to validate your self-worth through the acceptance of these young, dumb, guys.

You’re hypnotized, bound and chained to a young man that isn’t worthy of you and you can’t free yourself. That is what sex does and that’s how “the two become one” in marriage and now you’ve bound yourself to a soul who doesn’t want you.

This is why you’re living in torment; suffering this agonizing feeling of loss, rejection, and abandonment. How did you get here? You gave in before he loved you and was willing to commit himself to you and before he earned your love and proved his love. He doesn’t have the kind of character and strength and maturity needed to establish a healthy relationship. You’re chasing a phantom; a figment of your imagination that doesn’t exist.

The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t owe you anything despite who you think you are, what you are and what you think you deserve. All there is here for you now is moving on, no matter what. Calling a person a coward or immature is pointless and only makes you look like a bitter child whose feelings are hurt and can now only resort to name-calling for attention.

And actually, telling yourself that your romantic life is over is not at all helpful. It just compounds the misery and sends very demoralizing messages to the brain. The truth is that in the worst moments of despair, we all tend to feel that nothing nice will ever happen again, but just because we feel that way – it doesn’t mean it’s true and it isn’t true – at all. So, if this sounds like you, do try – despite all the pain – to be logical, even though you feel your situation is dire. By all means say, ‘I feel absolutely awful and totally crushed because I’ve been dumped.’ But don’t then add: ‘And no one else will ever love me and I am bound to be lonely forever.’ If you do, you’re actually just overloading your brain with misery – and it’s got enough to cope with already.

Well, the first step towards a new positive future is to finally accept that your ex-partner has gone and will not be coming back. This means facing your grief and allowing yourself to cry for the loss of your emotional investment, hopes, and dreams. I am afraid that this is a really painful process, but try to remember that you will recover – even if you can’t quite believe it right now.

Make a list of all the things about your ex-partner that you did not like. It may start off small, but if you pin it up in your kitchen so that you see it daily, you will be amazed at how it will grow.

Often when you have been apart for several months, your ex may suddenly decide that the grass was not greener outside the relationship after all. Perhaps he or she will sense that you are getting your life in order and may feel jealous that you are now in a position to find someone else. Maybe he or she will just fancy a quick snog for old time’s sake.

The trouble is that sex and closeness might make you feel loved and wanted temporarily, but it’s likely to bring more sorrow and confusion afterward – especially if your ex leaves immediately afterward to go home to his or her new love. So don’t do it. If your ex begs to come back and try again, then you can make a decision at some later date about whether or not you will give it a go. But never have sex before this point.

Concentrate on severing ties with him. If in the future he opts to return, let him date you. Do not drive in a car with him if he has been drinking. Don’t endanger yourself ever just to be near him. Stop chasing him, it only turns him completely off to you. The only way possible to ever gain his interest again is to become disinterested in him.

Is the reason why he rarely wants to see me is because he is involved with someone else? Yes, and No, I doubt that’s it entirely. I do believe he has some problems taking place; some major ones. He’s not in a good place emotionally right now and something has occurred. Just back off, for now, you have to, otherwise, you will really become your own worst obstacle. Allow him to sort out his own private and personal issues without interference from you. I don’t see him in a relationship but something did occur with someone else and it wasn’t pleasant.

By the end of the year, I see you in a new relationship with someone new.

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