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Missing Persons Psychic Detective

Hi and welcome. I’m Savantace, the owner of Tarotti Professional Psychic Readings. I believe that many online psychics are frauds, phonies, liars, thieves, and fakes. That is why I started my own company of professional clairvoyants.

You can read a few articles on my psychic website where I really rip the online psychic, pay-per-minute networks. I’ve had women ask me, “What will my future boyfriend look like?” I reply, ‘If I could tell you that, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be working on Wall Street, making a few million dollars a year.’ I know my limitations.

A couple of years ago, I thought about how psychics rarely find missing people. They do, but often the media doesn’t credit them. I thought we need psychics who can locate missing people, the other nonsense, ‘is Jim coming back to me’ doesn’t really serve much of any purpose. But yeah, I can tell you if some long lost lover is coming back. We need far more clairvoyants working in the field of Missing Persons Psychic Detective than catering to the online pay per minute scams where the average hourly rate is so astronomical that people are winding up thousands of dollars in debt while being lied to.

Anyway, I decided to focus on missing people because that actually served a relevant purpose. In 2003, I remember when the late, famed, psychic, Sylvia Browne (I never liked her) told the family on the Montel Williams show that their missing son, Shawn Hornbeck, was dead. The camera then panned to the family and the excruciating, incomprehensible agony consumed their horrified expressions. Just out of curiosity, especially since I really did NOT like Browne, I did a reading on that boy after the show.

I did several spreads, asking numerous questions and nothing, absolutely nothing indicated he was dead. I was sure I was wrong, merely based on the fact that all evidence seemed to point to the fact that he had to be dead. Yet, had the parents demanded a point-blank guesstimate out of me – an answer, I would have told them that he was very much alive. Well, he was found ALIVE in 2007. She made countless wrong predictions on missing people.

I couldn’t and can’t grasp how she ever became famous. Accuracy means everything to me and if I wasn’t consistently accurate, I wouldn’t be in the business.

I then began to practice on finding missing people. Anytime the news came out with a missing person, I’d read on it, write down my answers and photograph the spread and what I saw. The first one found that I had read on, I had it gone down 100% accurate in perfect detail of what had happened and I knew exactly where she was. The police asked me if I knew where she was. I told them I’d look into it. This was Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth, my neighbor.

Her mother had a Facebook Page dedicated to finding her daughter.

The very evening of the same day that the police officer asked me if I had any ‘feelings’ on where Jennifer was to let her know, I told my dad that while walking her dog, she wound up 10 miles down the hill, to see her girlfriend in Morongo, somewhere along the path in the desert near the house she took a horrible fall and died instantly. Her dog at that time was still alive. Dad said, “You should tell the police she went to Morongo to see a friend and maybe they can find the dog.” I didn’t want to. It was the first case I’d ever been asked to solve and I was so afraid of being wrong and looking like an idiot that I didn’t want to.

Two reasons:

A.) How in the hell did she get 10 miles down the hill to Morongo Valley if she was walking? I had to be wrong. It made no sense. It’s an ugly walk, down a fast, dangerous highway. Also, it was June / summer and the desert is scorching hot in the summer. Who in their right mind is going to walk 10 miles in the summer in the desert with their little Chihuahua in tow? I had to be wrong on the location.

How did I come up with the location? It’s the first and only time this has ever happened. When I did the reading on what happened to her, that was crystal clear. That I knew for a fact. I also knew she’d be found rather quickly and mother would be emotionally destroyed. I knew every detail but – I could not for the life of me figure out where in his desert she was. I knew she was in the desert itself but where? I had no clue so I did something I’d never done.

The fact of the matter is, I expected nothing – blank silence, nothing. I got on my knees at noon, the day after Jennifer went missing, the day police asked me where she was. I prayed and said, “Lord God, in the name of Jesus, give me a dream and tell me please, exactly, where Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth’s physical body is located.

I got back into bed, hoping I could fall asleep. It’s very difficult for me to sleep during the day. I fell asleep. While asleep, I had a dream. I was standing in the desert in Morongo Valley. Jennifer wasn’t in the dream, only I was. I was standing on a path in Morongo. I knew this path. It’s primarily all desert land in Morongo and homes are down long dirt roads.

Then I woke up and said out loud, “She’s in Morongo.” I told my dad, ( I use him to confirm all of my readings, as my witness), “She’s in Morongo Valley.” Then I began to think about it and as I thought about it, I realized that there was no way this girl walked to Morongo valley. I knew that I had wanted some sort of dream, laid down thinking about her and my mind just made up a location.

I wasn’t calling the police to tell them or her parents that while visiting a girlfriend, either before she arrived or upon leaving, that she had suffered a grand mal seizure somewhere in Morongo Valley, fell to her death and died instantly and her dog is with her. I couldn’t because I kept seeing Sylvia Browne tell various families numerous nonsensical psychic prophecies of where their missing loved ones were and I did not want to be ‘wrong’ like her and upset anyone, only for Jennifer to come walking through the door at some point. Well, I knew that wasn’t going to happen but nonetheless I closed out my journal and left it at that.

B.) The following day, I knew my reading was wrong because there had been some sightings of her in town. One at The Home Depot. I thought, ‘ THANK GOD SHE IS ALIVE – my reading was wrong but thank God it was – SHE’S ALIVE.

Several days later, Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth’s body was found — in the desert, in Morongo Valley. She had gone to visit one of her girlfriends and while walking through the desert near the gals home, Jennifer suffered a grand mal seizure, took a terrible fall, hit her head on a rock and died instantly. Her little Chihuahua dog was found only a few feet away, in a shallow ditch where she had passed away of sun exposure. That dog remained by the side of Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth for days until she succumbed to heatstroke and sun exposure.

HAD I not been afraid and believed the dream that I know God gave me, and didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed or foolish and had just picked up the phone and returned the call of the female officer who had originally asked me to find her, and had I just thrown caution to the wind and disregarded my ego and stated matter-of-factly, “Jennifer went to visit a girlfriend in Morongo Valley.

Somewhere near that home, in the desert, she had a seizure and she fell and she died and her dog is with her. Ask the mother who it could be that Jennifer knows in Morongo Valley and that’s where you will find her body and save the dog,” the dog would not have died alongside her. I felt tremendous guilt and I still do. I decided that from then on if I thought I knew something, I was going to say it and if I turned out to be wrong, then I was wrong – period.

Up until then, I never told anyone I knew that I worked as a psychic. NEVER. For just the reason you see here in this thread — and these people are right. Those gypsy thieving, lying, merciless, story-telling, fakes, swindle people out of so much money and they do it without an ounce of mercy or compassion – they don’t care if it’s some disabled woman’s rent money – they will take it and tell her everything she wants to hear. I know it because I worked for a company that taught psychics how to keep those people on the phone, no matter what. I was their top psychic and employed NONE of their strategies. Then I quit and built my own and I use it to save as many people as I can find from being lured into those evil pay-per-minute scam sites.

Missing person # 2

I lived 18 miles from the largest Marine base in the world.
On June 28th, 19-year-old Erin Corwin, a newlywed, married to young Marine Cpl. Jonathan Corwin told Jonathan that she was going to Joshua Tree National Park to scope out good places to take pictures for when her mother arrived later in the week to visit them.

The couple lived on the Marine base. She left around 7:00 AM and never came home. A day or so later, news of her missing appeared in the newspapers and it mentioned that she was a few weeks pregnant.

Okay, I did a reading. During the initial newscast, all anyone knew was that this beautiful, lovely, newly married young lady left her home to head up to JT Park and that was it.

I looked over numerous photos of her in Google Images. She was pure as the driven snow. There wasn’t an ounce of wrong-doing in this girl or her husband. They were two of the dearest, sweetest, gentlest, most loving young people anyone has ever laid eyes on. They were so in love…

Immediately the reading indicated that this innocent, beautiful, sweet, loyal-looking, loving gal was having an affair. It was crystal clear that she was in love with someone else. I knew her husband played no role in her death. He loved her with everything in him. He was good but her lover was evil.

He was prone to extremes with a violent temper and cunning, calculated, devious and moody. The reading indicated that the baby she was carrying was his – The Knight of Wands, not her good, caring loving husband’s –The Knight of Cups. I knew she went to meet the Knight of Wands.

Now here is what’s interesting and how the reading became difficult to interpret. First off, I knew the husband suspected or knew something about her affair or he felt that she was rather cold to him. The reading indicated that he was emotionally hurting the morning she left. They may have had words.

He loved her but her lover didn’t love her, he was sexually interested in her and nothing more but she loved him.
Where I became confused in the reading was when I asked what happened to her. From the perspective of her lover, there was profound betrayal and violence and death.

From the perspective of her husband, there was neutrality as he did not know but he was concerned that she had died. When asked how her mother would feel when Erin was found, it was heart-wrenching agony yet coupled with happiness and relief.

I knew she’d be found within a couple of months and that she’d be found dead. Here’s what didn’t make sense: What happened the day Erin went missing from Erin’s perspective – NOTHING. She was happy, really happy and having a great time and loved being where she was and in love and nothing indicated in the least that she was in trouble. It didn’t add up. Her outcome for that day indicated family, happiness, joy, and abundance – a great day. For everyone else it was pain, suffering, loss, looking, searching, heartache and death.

Then I had an epiphany – eureka, I knew why everything for her was wonderful that day– She never knew what hit her. She died instantly, probably shot from behind and never knew a thing.

Then I realized there was no way this beautiful, innocent, perfect young newlywed gal was having an affair. I had to have read it wrong. There’s no way someone ‘like her’ was cheating on her new husband. I told my dad, day one, “Dad, Erin was having an affair and he killed her because her lover is also married and her baby could be his.”

Well, all of that was neither here nor there, just speculation from my reading. What mattered was: where was she. Had I gone to her mother’s Facebook or anyone and said, “Erin Corwin was having an affair with another Marine; they’d scream at me, despise me and block me. That would be a horrible thing to say about this lovely, wonderful, honest, faithful, loyal young lady.

A few days later, the papers revealed that she was in fact having an affair with the married Marine next door. Then text received from Erin Corwin’s best girlfriend, the day Erin went missing were turned over to the police and it was discovered that she had parked her car outside of the base, and got into the car with her lover that morning.

The text was from Erin to her girlfriend, relaying that her lover was taking her on a hunting trip in the desert in celebration of her pregnancy.

So I had previously known she left her car to get into the car of her lover. An eyewitness later came forward, stating that he had seen a girl with Erin’s description, getting out of her car and into another. It was the neighbor’s car; her lover’s car.

Everyone pretty much knew by then that he had taken her on a one-way ride to shoot her, kill her and hide the body in order to protect his overall best interest.

Okay, that was the easy part, just like knowing what happened to Jennifer Alkire-Woolworth, but where was her physical body? I asked myself over and over. That was all that mattered.
They searched his house, Erin’s home, Joshua Tree National Park, combing the desert by helicopter and just couldn’t locate her. Then the papers mentioned that she might be willfully missing.

I knew that wasn’t remotely possible. I knew for a fact that the married, neighbor Marine had killed her. Everyone else probably knew that too just based on feelings and assumptions but I knew it for a fact. However, where is she? I kept trying to envision where she was. I asked for a dream and didn’t get it.
Serves me right, I didn’t tell anyone the first time I got the dream. Then I sat down and asked God to show me where her body lies in one card. I never use reversed cards in Tarot. For some odd reason, I decided to broaden the possible interpretations and include reversals in my deck.

I really prayed up and I drew the Three of Swords, reversed. I stared at that card for one hour and saved it, looking at it over and over, discussing it with the Lord, ‘This tells me nothing, Father. Why won’t you tell me where she is? An upside-down heart? What’s that? What kind of location is that?’ Now often when I’m looking for a location, it isn’t about a literal interpretation of the card but the picture itself.

I studied that photo all evening, looking for clues in that upside-down heart because in my own heart I knew for a fact that God didn’t let me down and her location was in that picture – somewhere and I needed to figure it out.

I then chose a reversed three of swords from the internet and ran the image through Google images. You know you can do that right? Go to Google images, and where you see the little camera icon in the entry window, click it and load a picture and click send or go and Google uses image recognition to find that same photo or something like it.

I kept thinking, if I am really any kind of psychic – Christian psychic to be exact, then I should be able to resolve this.

Google images brought up several photos of hearts, of course since it was a heart that I uploaded. I looked at the photos over and over in Google images, looking for clues, looking for something that would tell me where she is.

The third row – the third card, it’s ironic because of the number 3, Three of Swords.

Jesus was crucified when he was 33. It also means Truth.

There it was. THERE WAS ERIN. I now knew why the Three of Swords came up inverted. She was in the bottom of a mine.
Those swords reversed indicated that they would appear under the word MINE. The three most important things that were discovered that bottom of the mine: The photo would Erin, her unborn child, and the evidence. The two were murdered by Erin’s true love, her Valentine.

A Valentine’s Day heart, how ironic, a Valentine represented – her lover and the man who killed her.
The third row down, the third card from the left, a Valentine’s Day heart with a sword and the words, “Be Mine.”

Erin was murdered by her lover and tossed into the bottom of a mine and I knew it for a fact the moment I saw that image.

Today, the headline news read “Erin Corwin found, 140 feet down in a mine.”

The married, neighbor Marine was arrested for her murder.

And the Valentine Heart, remember, Cupid “SHOThis arrow at someone.

Read Article Here: CBS News – Erin Corwin Found

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