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Honest Psychic Readings by Psychic Lisa Today!

Honest psychic readings with psychic Lisa can end your confusion.
I’m a professional psychic. I’m a certified transpersonal therapist, family counselor, life coach and have worked as a professional clairvoyant for over 30 years.


I’m an empath; a natural-born energy reader, tuning into the energy that is always around us, within us and with us. I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.


I’m a thoughtful and compassionate clairvoyant and I would like to be the one to help you take that first step in understanding what is going on within you and around you.


I will not tell you what you wish to hear!


I will tell you what I see and why it is there.


I will answer all your questions and if I can not I will tell you so!


Areas of Expertise:


I’ve been a Psychic for 35 years.


I’m Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient.


I am able to Read Energy Patterns and Voice Vibrations Feelings and emotions.


Credentials & Experience

  • Transpersonal Therapist Certified
  • Professional Certified Astrologer
  • Licensed Family Counselor and Life coach (18 yrs)
  • First Nations Shaman (three generations)
  • Meditation Teacher of 22 years
  • MA Psychologist
  • BA Animal Sciences and Behavioral Studies

For me being Psychic is more a way of life; it is my life.


I look forward to reading for you!


Life is not always what we want it to be. Sometimes dealing with things as they are is much harder than what we would hope or expect.
It’s painful when we want someone to love us and they just can’t. It hurts when those we rely upon are not there for us. It can be devastating when we have suffered loss and have no understanding as to why.


You can hide from the truth but in the end, you might wind up feeling far more alone than had you been willing to face the truth from the start.


Are you here now to seek out an honest psychic, a real psychic who can and will shine a light in your heart, awakening you from the restless sleep of denial, while providing a clear understanding of where you truly stand. A psychic guide delivering the truth in love can allow you to see that you are not stuck in the dark or ever really alone.


There is a way to move towards the light and yes sometimes we do need help taking a step into better understanding.
No guarantees in life can evoke anxiety, a constant state of uncertainty and sometimes we just need a helping hand to guide us.


Working with the mind, body, and spirit I can help you find balance, the answers you are seeking and a path of clarity.


Please Note:

All My Phone Readings Are On A Timer.


You will get the full amount of time that you have paid for so be sure to have your most important questions written down on paper and with you before we begin. Once your purchase time has ended, the call will automatically end and you’re then welcome to purchase more time.


I can do email readings as well as phone readings.


Please let me know what type of reading you would like.


Email Reading

If you wish for an email reading, please be very specific with your questions.
If you are vague in your questions then you will receive vague answers.


My Email Psychic Readings are priced below:


Three Questions: $30.00


This is a detailed reading.
You must include birth dates and names of yourself and those you are asking about.
Please be sure you are asking what you are seeking!


One Question: $20.00


Includes a detailed answer to your specific burning question.

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