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Online Psychic Readings at Tarotti:

A brief synopsis of the remarkable abilities of Psychic Anastacia.

You need the best psychic advice from a truthful, clairvoyant advisor. I’m Psychic Anastacia and I am able to provide just that. My love readings on romance, dating, and relationships, deliver powerful predictions on where you stand and where your romantic relationship is heading.

You need good psychic advice from an accurate psychic advisor.

My love, romance, dating, and relationship psychic predictions are solid. I continue developing psychic ability each and every day, as my clairvoyant readings take on an all-encompassing powerful, intuitive energy, all their own. My online psychic readings are deeply insightful, detailed and spot-on.

My psychic love readings are accurate and richly detailed.

Whether you need a psychic reading on love and relationship, job, career, and finance, or consultation on weight loss, nutrition, and naturopathy, I am here to use my exceptional skills, education, extensive knowledge and my natural-born gift of clairvoyance to help you achieve victory in every aspect of your life.

I am a natural-born clairvoyant, having the innate ability to predict the future since my adolescence. It began with the use of Clair cognizance; the ability to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why I knew it.

As a child, I would just know things through a “gut feeling”, which I learned at a very young age to follow. As an adolescent, I began to hear things, the gift of Clairaudience, as well as, the ability to literally feel the outpouring of energy from others. That’s when I knew I was born clairvoyant.

As an adult, for the past 15 years, I use my Tarot cards and Angel Cards to aid in the messages I receive in order to help deliver superior clarity in the messages being sent to my clients. Over the years with much work and practice, I’ve used my gift of clairvoyance to enrich and empower thousands of people seeking freedom from confusion, feelings of hopelessness and those imprisoned by their own nagging, negative thoughts and fears. as I am also given images to see more clarity in the situation.

Through the use of my clairvoyance and tarot cards, I can give you the answers you are looking for and put your mind at ease. I offer you sincere and honest guidance.

With my gifts, I can help you gain insight into your problems and learn the truth about your relationships, which can help put you on the path to success. Sometimes, you will need to let go, heal, and move forward, so that you can explore other opportunities which can lead to your happiness and success.

I am here to tell you what I am being shown, but your actions will influence your outcome. Your thoughts and energy will have the greatest impact on the events appearing in your life. Remember you always have free will of choice to take another direction. We can change our outcome, by changing our actions.

Throughout my life, I have been able to help thousands of people overcome their doubts, heal their hearts and go forward in life. I’m Psychic Anastacia here, but outside of work, I too have a personal reader and know the difference between a great psychic reading and a dud. Most psychics are somewhat leery when reading on romantic issues for themselves and other sensitive topics since our emotions can hinder us from remaining objective. 

If you have a psychic reading with me and ask a question that goes like this: “Why will no one marry me? I am still single at thirty!” Consider this answer now before you spend the money. If these answers don’t apply to you, then let’s move forward to uncover the answer. 

1. In the subconscious mind you may not wish to marry in the first place. You do everything you can, in an unconscious way, to sabotage your marriage chances. For example you organize a romantic dinner and then forget to turn up. You forgot to turn up on purpose though it was subconsciously driven. Secretly you never wished to turn up at all and different kinds of excuses are made up to justify not turning up.

2. There is too much peer pressure pushing down upon you. Peer pressure can squeeze the life out of you. Well meaning relatives and friends are pushing you to get married. You may not be ready yet. You need more time.

The well meaning yet pushy people around you don’t help much as you need to follow your own path. It is better to have the whole world against you than your own soul. Take your time and go for quality and listen to your own counsel. That is, in other words, believe in yourself.

3. You allow past hurt to get in the way. Divorce, separation, and a broken heart from previous relationships scares you. Your confidence is shattered. You need to take baby steps. Build your confidence up slowly and surely. Never go into a new relationship unless your heart is properly healed.

4. You might be trying too hard. You push away marriage by trying too hard to make it happen. The desperate energy you send out is pushing away that which you seek. Instead of attracting it into your life it escapes you. If a relationship is too much hard work it is a bad sign. Sure, all relationships take work. Yet is it not meant to be a back breaking kind of work.

5. Bad role models are used as inspiration for romantic ideals. There may be someone you are looking up to who is a bad role model for you. Well known examples are pop singers, movie stars, and sports heroes who look good on television and yet their personal life is a mess. They show you in the media only the side they want you to see and keep their personal life secretly hidden. It takes more than money to buy happiness. In fact marriage happiness cannot be bought it can only be earned by your actions of respect, caring, and sharing between two compatible people.

Again, I’m Psychic Anastacia, a professional clairvoyant with 20 years experience working with people throughout the world. I can and will help you as well! I am just a phone call away.

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